Frequently Asked Questions

I decided to make a simple page that would answer some common questions I get a lot.

Q. How old are you/where do you live?

A. I’m 21 and I live in Seattle, Washington.

Q. You make a lot of posts about guitars and guitar amps; do you play?

Yes I do! I am a terrible guitar player but it helped spark my interest in engineering when I realized I wanted to start making my own gear and equipment.

Q. Did you always know you wanted to be an engineer?

A. Not really, at first I just knew I wanted to do something that involved science. I cycled through a lot of different choices before I finally landed upon engineering like astronaut, pure science like a theoretical physicist, mathematics related stuff, and even computer science.

Q. Where did the name and inspiration for come from?

A. The inspiration has always been here. I’ve always wanted to teach and be able to share my knowledge with others and I also wanted to have a nice, always up to date portfolio of my past and future projects. Marrying those two ideas together and throwing in a category for all the miscellaneous other things I’d like to do gave me the idea for a blog. The name came from the last English class I had to take, technical writing. We were working in small groups to create technical documents and we chose to make a website. We needed a fake domain name for the website and one of us said HackTheWorld and when I went home that day after class, I checked to see if it was available and it only cost $8 at the time.

Q. What hobbies do you have?

A. As you may have already guessed, one of my hobbies is playing the guitar; but I also like to play video games however I don’t get the chance to play super often considering I write a blog, go to school, and work a 30 hour a week job. I also like to backpack and camp whenever it’s sunny out and I use that time to relax and catch up on some reading.

I don’t really have more questions than this so if you have any that I haven’t answered here, feel free to email me with them and I’ll answer them and update the page as I get more and more in.