About me!

More often than not when I read ‘about me’ pages, I’m bombarded with surface level information and mundane facts that give me a cursory glimpse into the life of whoever happened to write that page, but this about me is going to be a little different. Instead of writing about the things I do, where I live, and what my hobbies are, I’m going to talk a little about my pursuit of happiness and my lifelong journey to find purpose; after all, that is what most of us are looking for, happiness and purpose.

When I was twelve, I read about a Japanese concept called ‘Ikigai’. It translates into “a reason for being” and I have carried this ideal with me throughout my life to this day. It is commonly described as a Venn diagram of four overlapping circles and at the center of these circles I have always though of as purpose.


I have always been curious about the way the world works. How the world has a set of unchangeable laws that govern how everything in existence works. And more recently I have found a profound and deep love for the language in which we describe these laws; Math. I never liked math during high school, it always seemed as if it were detached and isolated from the rest of my studies. All of this changed when I started to learn calculus. A writer named Herman Wouk once sat down with Richard Feynman to talk about reconciling religion and science and Richard Feynman said;

Calculus is the language God talks. Richard Feynman (1918-1988)

Or something along those lines, I paraphrased. But this quote is something that I find more and more attractive and alluring the deeper I go into mathematics. I am not a religious person, or at least I don’t consider myself religious. However when I learn about math, I feel a deep connection with something that is more than myself and every other person on this planet. Euler’s Identity is to me, the most beautiful equation that I have ever come to see. It is eπ_i_+1 = 0. It marries so many different important concepts in mathematics into one equation. The relationship of circumference to diameter (π), the square root of a negative number (i), the concept of one and zero, and Euler’s constant. However this beauty is nothing if I can’t use it to help those around me. I have always felt the need to help people whenever I can, and the intersection of these two points has always been engineering in my eyes. It has always been the engineers in the world who have affected great change; sometimes good, sometimes bad, but change nonetheless. I see in myself a need to help others and what better way to do this than by putting to use the things I learn in my pursuit to satisfy my curiosity.

This blog is not my purpose, I haven’t found it yet. This blog is a collection of projects and bits of my life that may help other people. This blog is to encourage those who want to help the world and satisfy their curiosity at the same time. Those who make, break, and invent their way to a better life will find a friend here. This is a place of learning for the sake of learning and creating for the sake of creating. This is a home away from home.

Surface Level Information and Mundane Facts.

At the beginning I mentioned that I wouldn’t add any “surface level information and mundane facts” but this is my blog and I’m a hypocrite so you’re gonna get some anyway. I’m a 21 year old college student living a few miles away from Seattle, Washington. What you may not have gathered from the deep dive into my quest for purpose is that I love to cook and I also play both acoustic and electric guitar. I try to keep healthy by running and going to the gym four or five times a week. I like to read and I’m a huge procrastinator.